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Bernalillo County Amateur Radio Service (BCARES) is dedicated to providing auxiliary emergency communications service to the Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management.

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In The News

The EmComm Training Organization (ETO) will continue the popular Winlink Thursday exercises to foster Winlink-knowledgeable operators across the country leading up to a nationwide drill November 13, 2021. Procedures will include a weekly exercise for routine practice with a fourth Thursday exercise of a more challenging nature. Exercises will almost always include a Winlink Express Check-in form.
You can find each week's "assignment" on the ETO web page,

Remember to complete the exercise assignment and submit the message BEFORE Midnight Thursday.
VHF Packet & RMS News
John, KC5QOC, Reports - He has also made some updates to his Albuquerque-based RMS Gateway station. They are summarized below:
a.  Packet (1200 baud) and VARA FM RMS Gateway on 145.07 MHz (KC5QOC-12).
b.  Packet (1200 baud) RMS Gateway on 145.01 MHz (KC5QOC-10)

Peter, NM5PB Reports - I have spun up a new dual-mode VARA FM (Vara is fully licensed) RMS Gateway on 145.070 (NM5PB-13). It's been online for about a week of testing and is ready for primetime use.
You can connect on that frequency using VARA or Packet 1200b. I'm in the process of testing at higher speed packet modes ( 2400b 3600b, 4800b) within the bandwidth limits on 2M.
The packet side of this is speed agile so as I do testing, you may not be able to connect unless you use a faster packet speed outside of the 1200b limits of hardware TNCs.
The station is putting out 20W and is up 24/7.
I'll be spinning up a UHF dual-mode RMS Gateway station as well and will post to the BBS once its complete.

You can also find out more about Peter's VHF Packet and RMS Gateways by going to
The BCARES East Manzanita Mountains digipeater and node packet radio station is located at 80 Raven Road at the Bob Foster, K5CQH, repeater site, approximately 20 miles SE from Albuquerque at an elevation of 7730 feet. The antenna that services the packet radio station is located on Bob's 140-foot tower.
Raven Road Packet Station SSIDs and Alias Names:
Raven Road as a digipeater SSID: K5CQH
Raven Road as a digipeater ALIAS: RAVNRD

Raven Road as a NODE callsign: K5CQH-11
Raven Road as a NODE ALIAS: RAVNRD

GRID: DM64tx

Latitude: 34.985988
Longitude: -106.344309

Useful Slide Shows

CLICK HERE for a Slide Show on "How to Use a RMS Express Form to Check In to the Thursday night BCARES Net".

CLiCK HERE for slide show on "How to Send ARC 213 Messages using Winlink"

CLICK HERE - Mike, KM5GH's Winlink RMS Training. Information here in is based upon Winlink Express version and using a Kantonics KPC 3+ USB Terminal Node Controller
BCARES Meeting Notice
Thursday, November 4, at 6:30PM
We have been authorized to resume our monthly BCARES Team in-person meetings..
IMPORTANT NOTE:  THIS IS A THURSDAY EVENING.  The BCARES Team meetings will now be on the first Thursday of every month and NOT the first Wednesday.  There will be NO VHF/UHF net aired on the first Thursday of each month. Hence, the BCARES meeting replaces the BCARES Net on the first Thursday of every month. 
The location is, 6840 2nd St NW, Albuquerque, in the Atrium Building.  The meeting is held in the  Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Enter via the BC OEM sign on the east side of the building.  
BCARES Net, Thursday 7PM 145.13, 145.15, and 442.05 MHz
PLEASE JOIN US: for the weekly Thursday evening BCARES Net at 7 PM on the Bernalillo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service repeater system (145.13, 145.15, and 442.05 MHz)

BCARES EOC Radio Room Packet Operations Updates.
Winlink Express software version and VARA HF are installed on both the Station 1 and Station 2 PCs.
Just So You Know…

Sandoval County ARES (SCARES)

Bernalillo County ARES Repeaters

145.13 MHz Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 144.53 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 145.13 MHz
Location: Fire Station 35, along Paseo del Norte, NE Albuquerque, near the intersection of Lowell and Paseo del Norte
11700 Paseo del Norte NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122

145.15 MHz Cedro Peak Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 144.55 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 145.15 MHz
Location: Cedro Peak, Tijeras, New Mexico

442.05 MHz Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 447.05 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 442.05 MHz
Location: 1120 Coors Blvd SW, Albuquerque

Bernalillo County ARES


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Bernalillo County ARES Net

Thursday, 1900 MST/MDT

145.13 (- 600 KHz, 100 Hz PL Tone)
145.15 (- 600 KHz, 100 HZ PL Tone)
442.050 (+ 5.0 MHz, 100 Hz PL Tone)
* This is a linked repeater network
NM ARES EmComm Net
1st Sunday of month,
5 PM MST or 7:30 PM MDT
HF LSB 3939 KHz
VHF Packet & RMS Summary
VARA FM KC5QOC-12, 145.07
VARA FM NM5PB-13, 145.07
RMS Gateway KC5QOC-10, 145.01
RMS Gateway, NM5PB-10, 145-01
BBS, C ABQBBS, 145.01
BCARES EOC, NM5PB-1, 145.01

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2nd & 4th Sundays, 6 PM Local Time
146.40 MHz

Our monthly meeting is held on the first Thursday of each month at 18:30 MST/MDT at 6840 2nd St. NW, Albuquerque, NM