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Bernalillo County Amateur Radio Service (BCARES) is dedicated to providing auxiliary emergency communications service to the Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management.

In The News

Field Day, June 2021, 26 June 12 PM MDT (1800Z) - to - 27 June 14:59 PM MDT (2059Z- BCARES members have put together a Team for the emergency communication exercise known as Field Day sponsored by the ARRL.

BCARES Field Day Members,
so far, include:
RV Park
* Chris Petroff, W5CBP - RV Park
* John Mocho, KC5QOC - RV Park
* Ed Poccia, KC2LM - RV Park
* Ron Liss, KG5MXY - RV park

* Jim Frazier, KC5RUO - EOC
* Pete Brisbine, NM5PB - RV Park in mid afternoon / Possible EOC op
* Guylaine Pollock, AG5FR - EOC
* Justin Depoy, KW5OLF - EOC


CLICK HERE for a Field Day Slide Presentation

CLICH HERE for Notes on Field Day Operations at the EOC & the Enchanted Trails RV Park

The June issue of QST has a 2021 ARRL Field Day Guide.The BCARES Field Day Team have decided that they will be operating the event from the Enchanted Trails RV Park (, located along the I-40 frontage Road west of Albuquerque.

All BCARES members are invited to attend, however, in order to make necessary plans, we need to know who is coming. The "Drop Date" for notification is June 1.
Those wishing to have reservations for RV sites (50 amps), MUST make their wishes known by this same date.

Those operating stations during Field Day at the RV Park or from their home stations, will use their own call, follow FCC regulations, identify with their own category, keep their own logs, account for their own Bonus Points and simple state that they are part of the
Bernalillo County ARES Group when submitting their scores to the ARRL.

Questions, comments and information about reservations should be addressed to: Ed Poccia KC2LM; Put "BCARES FD" in the Subject line.

Jim Frazier, KC5RUO, is also working on plans to operate a second BCARES team for the Field Day event from the EOC. Those plans have not been finalized.  Hopefully, information for BCARES members who would prefer to operate from the EOC will be forthcoming.

Access Rules and Regulations for Field Day

In addition to the Field Day 2021 BCARES Team deployment at the  Enchanted Trails RV Park, there will be a BCARES Team operating from the Bernalillo County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Radio Room using call sign  NM5BC. You can sign up for on-air time at the Google Drive link below.   Open spreadsheet with Google Sheets.
Operate SSB Phone or your favorite HF digital mode. Bring your own keyer if you plan to work CW.
To maximize participation, please do not sign-up for more than a continuous 3 - hour time slot on Station 1 or Station 2.  If there are open time slots as we approach June 26th I'll send out a follow-up email inviting anyone to reserve the open time slots.
1.  Become familiar with HF SSB voice and digital mode operations using the ICOM - 718 Transceiver.   You can get on the air even as a Technician Class operator under KC5RUO's supervision.
2. Both stations will be operating and their antenna systems work GREAT!
3.  1 - on - 1 instruction on using the popular HF digital modes FT4, FT8, and BPSK31.
The Bernalillo County EOC is located at 6840 2nd St NW, Albuquerque. Enter from the east side at the Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management crest entrance. Ring the doorbell and I'll come to get you. 

Answers to Your Field Day Questions:
1. Arrive for Set-Up at the Enchanted Trails RV Park at Noon on Saturday, June 26. Depart at Noon Sunday. Late Departures may be permitted.
2. NO TENT CAMPING is allowed at the Park.
3. Several Spaces have been reserved for BCARES members RVing during FD along Row A. These spaces are 50 Amp. $35 a day. Email Ed Poccia,, to reserve your spot.

4. Bring your own food, drinks, chairs, tables, and snacks. BCARES will NOT be providing them. Ice cream, soda, water and snacks are available in the RV Park's Store.
5. GRILLS: Bring your own, gas or charcoal grill as there are none at your RV Space. There are TWO gas grills available to Park residents at the pavilion.
6. Bring your own antennas as BCARES is NOT providing any. The western edge of the Park has a great spot for antenna erection.
7. The RV Park features an outdoor Pool, A/C indoor lounge, tree covered patio, and bathrooms with showers for our use.

Submit any questions you may have about Feld Day at the Enchanted Trails RV Park to Ed Poccia,

Satellite Bonus Points: The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) cross-band repeater will be available for ARRL Field Day, June 26 – 27. Contacts will count toward Field Day bonus points as satellite contacts and Field Day contacts. Details about ISS Pass Predications will be posted closer to Field Day.
Amateur Radio's Public Service Events Calendar - 2021
Volunteers are urgently needed to help with communication demands during the following worthwhile local fund raising efforts.

August 21, Bike MS (MS 150) - this is fundraiser to fight multiple sclerosis and will be a one-day, 75 mile route from Albuquerque to Belen and back. Organizers count on ham radio operators for essential medical, safety and logistics communication support during the event.

September 26 - Tour of the Rio Grande Valley - a long standing, popular bike ride of 39, 29, 78, and 100 miles that hams have supported for many years. There is a need for hams to provide communication along the route. This event also follows a round-trip route in the Albuquerque-Belen corridor.
This event is coordinated by Bob Longoria, N5JH.

October 10, - Santa Fe Century (Details Forthcoming)

October 17, - Duke City Marathon (Details Forthcming)

Those wishing to help out should contact Ed Ricco N2LI. (505) 247-4866 (h) or (505) 768-7314 (w)

QST: Jeff, W5OMU, Duke City Hamfest Board Member announced this year’s DCHF will be virtual. Survey letters will be going out to amateurs to find out the topics they are interested in. The board members are also seeking additional board members. If amateurs want to participate contact:
Pete Spotts, NM5PS, Bill Mader, K8TE, or Jeff Burmeister, W5OMU. Contact Jeff at
EmComm Practice Sessions Announced
Greetings BCARES Team Members

  1. 1. Starting on March 18, 2021, there will be one or two practice EMCOM messages transmitted during the BCARES Net. Messages will initially be directed to the Net Control Station for the few several weeks and then eventually directed to a specific net member. All net members are encouraged to copy the message. If a net member needs a re-transmission they’ll request it by contacting net control. Either net control or the message originator will re-transmit the message.

  1. 2. The purpose of the practice EMCOM messages is to expose the BCARES Team to realistic EXERCISE/INCIDENT verbal messages and develop proficiency in using efficient message transmission procedures over a directed resource/tactical net.

  1. 3. Jim Frazier, KC5RUO, will solicit net members to transmit each week’s practice EMCOM message. You do not have to be a BCARES member to participate. That week's message script will be emailed to the net member. The net member will transmit the message during the frequent check-in roll call. When net control calls you and asks if you have any traffic you’ll transmit your message.
Looking forward to integrating some training opportunities into our weekly net.

4. In the event that a repeater does go down during the Net, it is advised that BCARES members move to 145.13 SIMPLEX to reestablish the Net.
Jim Frazier, KC5RUO

BCARES Meeting
Thursday, July 1 , 6:30PM
We have been authorized to resume our monthly BCARES Team in-person meetings..
IMPORTANT NOTE:  THIS IS A THURSDAY EVENING.  The BCARES Team meetings will now be on the first Thursday of every month and NOT the first Wednesday.  There will be NO VHF/UHF net aired on the first Thursday of each month. Hence, the BCARES meeting replaces the BCARES Net on the first Thursday of every month. 
The location is, 6840 2nd St NW, Albuquerque, in the Atrium Building.  The meeting is held in the  Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Enter via the BC OEM sign on the east side of the building.  

Attendance is subject to NM DOH recommendations. Please pre-register your intention to participate in May's meeting at ARES Connect:

he SCEST Digipeater W5SCA-11 is back on the air and can connect to Capilla Peak Digipeater Node.

Jim Frazier KC5RUO reported;
We are greatly indebted to Paul Choc, WA5IHL, and his team for repairing the broken antenna and bringing SCREST back online. The SCREST digipeater/node is used to support EMCOM packet radio and Winlink operations in our region and in adjacent counties. For example, if McKinley County EOC is subject to a massive internet outage due to a cut fiber optic cable they can connect through the DEZA Packet Node to SCREST and then into one of our three Radio Message Server (RMS) gateways to send email to outside destinations.  BCARES practices with SCREST as our regional digipeater to establish Winlink peer-to-peer (P2P), i.e., radio-to-radio, email message transactions if our own internet goes down. 
New Mexico HAMWAN RMS Gateway
(NM5HW-10) is operational on Sandia Crest on 145.01 MHz. You use it to send emails just like you use NM5PB-10 and KC5QOC-10, no difference.
You can still use the RMS gateway but you may have to access it via the Sandia Crest digipeater node, SCREST.  Gary encourages us to report to him or Chris Drummond, NM5F, any abnormalities we experience, at

More RMS Gateways, in ABQ

Gateway #1: KC5QOC-10, GRID: DM65QD, Near Edith NE ABQ.

Gateway #2: NM5PB-10, DM65 QC, in Knobhill area, close to I-25 and I-40.

CLICK HERE - Mike, KM5GH's Winlink RMS Training Program.

BCARES Net, Thursday 7PM 145.13, 145.15, and 442.05 MHz
PLEASE JOIN US: for the weekly Thursday evening BCARES Net at 7 PM on the Bernalillo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service repeater system (145.13, 145.15, and 442.05 MHz) with Bill Tucker, K5WRT, as Net Control. However, There is NO Net on the first Thursday of the month as the BCARES meeting will be taking place at 6:30PM.

The Slide Shows below were presentations first developed for the American Red Cross Nov. EmComm Drill. They are being left up because they demonstrate how to send Packet messages.

CLiCK HERE for slide show on "How to Send ARC 213 Messages using Winlink"

CLICK HERE - Mike, KM5GH's Winlink RMS Training. Information here in is based upon Winlink Express version and using a Kantonics KPC 3+ USB Terminal Node Controller

Antenna Installed at the Balloon Park Museum.
BCARES completed the Balloon Museum public safety communications antenna system installation for the Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management today, 9/17/2020. 

It involved the installation of a permanent 50-ohm coax cable run through the bulkhead wall of the roof hatch and the installation of a VHF antenna on the rooftop railing of the Balloon Museum.

View the latest listing of Coordinated NM Repeaters at:

BCARES EOC Radio Room Packet Operations Updates.
Winlink Express software version and VARA HF are installed on both the Station 1 and Station 2 PCs.

BCARES Packet Radio Practice Net Announcement

You are invited to participate in the BCARES packet radio practice net, every third Tuesday of the month at 7 PM. The net will be initiated by way of voice on the Bernalillo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service repeater system (145.13, 145.15, and 442.05 MHz) with Bill Tucker, K5WRT, as Net Control.

He'll provide instructions on how the packet net will be conducted and then we will transition over to 145.01 MHz for the packet net.

In these packet radio practice nets, we focus on Winlink Peer-to-Peer email exchanges (P2P) to include passing the ICS-213 General Message Form.

Be prepared to provide Net Control your SSID.

Jim Frazier, KC5RUO
Updated FEMA Courses

I noticed that FEMA released an updated course
IS-800.d on 5/6/2020. So, the current versions of the courses our members need to take are:
IS-100.c (6/25/2018),
IS-200.c (3/11/2019),
IS-700.b (6/25/2018), and
IS-800.d (5/6/2020)

It is important that all of us take the latest versions of these four courses as there have been some significant changes.

Note that there is still no IS-802 course available. After I take the updated IS-800.d course, it may become clear why this is so and whether the ESF-2 COMU concept is still valid within the National Response Framework. I'll fill you in if I come to any conclusions.

Ron Reder, NM5AA
Emergency Coordinator
Sandoval County ARES


There is a relatively new Sandoval County ARES (SCARES) repeater at INTEL, Rio Rancho, you may be interested in programming into your radios.

Receive Frequency: 444.70 MHz
Transmit Frequency: 449.70 MHz
Offset: 5.0 MHz
Offset Direction: PLUS
Tone Mode: Tone
CTCSS: 100 Hz
Comment: Linked to SCARES Repeater Network

Jim Frazier, KC5RUO
BCARES Emergency Coordinator

145.13 MHz Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 144.53 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 145.13 MHz
Location: Fire Station 35, along Paseo del Norte, NE Albuquerque, near the intersection of Lowell and Paseo del Norte
11700 Paseo del Norte NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122

145.15 MHz Cedro Peak Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 144.55 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 145.15 MHz
Location: Cedro Peak, Tijeras, New Mexico

442.05 MHz Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 447.05 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 442.05 MHz
Location: 1120 Coors Blvd SW, Albuquerque


Bernalillo County ARES


* CLICK for Calendar *

Bernalillo County ARES Net

Thursday, 1900 MST/MDT

145.13 (- 600 KHz, 100 Hz PL Tone)
145.15 (- 600 KHz, 100 HZ PL Tone)
442.050 (+ 5.0 MHz, 100 Hz PL Tone)
* This is a linked repeater network
NM ARES EmComm Net
1st Sunday of month,
5 PM MST or 7:30 PM MDT
HF LSB 3939 KHz
Packet Traning Net

* 3rd Tuesday of each Month
* 7 PM local time
* 145.13, 145.15 & 442.05
See Offsets and Tones Above
* Packet 145.01 simplex
* Bill Tucker, K5WRT Net Control


CLICK HERE Learn How to Setup a Mail Pickup Station to send and receive Emails without the Internet at any point.
2nd & 4th Sundays, 6 PM Local Time
146.40 MHz

Our monthly meeting is held on the first Thursday of each month at 18:30 MST/MDT at 6840 2nd St. NW, Albuquerque, NM