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Bernalillo County Amateur Radio Service (BCARES) is dedicated to providing auxiliary emergency communications service to the Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management.

In The News

NO BCARES MEETING, Wednesday August 5

This is due to the Governor's health & safety mandate denying large gatherings.
View the latest listing of Coordinated NM Repeaters at:
Packet Updates & Training
Item #1:
WINMOR is being superseded by Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol (ARDOP) and VARA HF.  Recall, the Winlink System is a radio bridge to Internet email which allows connectivity to almost everyone in the world.

Item #2: The Amateur Radio Safety Foundation is requesting all HF Radio Message Server (RMS) gateway sysops still offering WINMOR to remove it in favor of ARDOP, VARA HF and Pactor 3 or 4.  BCARES is currently using WINMOR. WINMOR is loaded on our BC Dept of Emergency Management radio room PCs.

The BCARES Emergency Coordinators will be discussing adding ARDOP and VARA HF, specifically VARA version 4.0.  KC5RUO has been using VARA 4.0 over the last couple weeks and found it a very reliable HF email communications mode. It consistently connects to the HF RMS gateway and stays connected for the email transmission. VARA v4.0.3 (High Performance HF Modem) can be downloaded from

Item #3: The  latest version of Winlink Express with ARDOP and VARA is located at

Item#4: This week’s ARRL ARES July 15, 2020, E-Letter references an excellent presentation on Winlink and how to use it. Presented by Phil Sherrod, W4PHS, one of the Winlink developers. Phil W4PHS on Vimeo is

Item #5: Packet Net Control, Bill Tucker, K5WRT, announced for next Tuesday’s, July 21, BCARES Packet Net participants can find the instruction for that evening’s exercise in the NM5BC-1 PBBS mailbox.

Updated FEMA Courses

I noticed that FEMA released an updated course
IS-800.d on 5/6/2020. So, the current versions of the courses our members need to take are:
IS-100.c (6/25/2018),
IS-200.c (3/11/2019),
IS-700.b (6/25/2018), and
IS-800.d (5/6/2020)

It is important that all of us take the latest versions of these four courses as there have been some significant changes.

Note that there is still no IS-802 course available. After I take the updated IS-800.d course, it may become clear why this is so and whether the ESF-2 COMU concept is still valid within the National Response Framework. I'll fill you in if I come to any conclusions.

Ron Reder, NM5AA
Emergency Coordinator
Sandoval County ARES


BCARES Team Members

The next BCARES Team meeting will be an Over-the-Air Roundtable Meeting on June 3, 2020, starting at 6:30 PM. You can participate by connecting to your nearest BCARES repeater*. 

145.130 (- 600 KHz, 100 Hz PL Tone)
145.150 (- 600 KHz, 100 HZ PL Tone)
442.050 (+ 5.0 MHz, 100 Hz PL Tone) 
* This is a linked repeater network

The BCARES meeting host will call for check-ins and then do a roundtable inquiry of each check-in to determine if you have any announcements, information, comments, or questions for the team.  If at any time you have input during the OTA roundtable state "CONTACT" and your CALL SIGN and the host will acknowledge you. 

Hope to hear you on the OTA roundtable

Jim Frazier, KC5RUO


here are TWO new RMS Gateways, in ABQ

Gateway #1: KC5QOC-10, GRID: DM65QD, Near Edith NE ABQ.

Gateway #2: N0MTH-10, DM65 QC, in Knobhill area kinda close to I-25 and I-40.  

Peter and his wife Janelle moved here recently from St Louis. Pete doesn't have his antennas up yet so the RMS Gateway is running off of a rubber duckie antenna. Try to connect through SCREST. Jim, KC5RUO, sent and received a couple emails using this RMS Gateway.

There is a relatively new Sandoval County ARES (SCARES) repeater at INTEL, Rio Rancho, you may be interested in programming into your radios.

Receive Frequency: 444.70 MHz
Transmit Frequency: 449.70 MHz
Offset: 5.0 MHz
Offset Direction: PLUS
Tone Mode: Tone
CTCSS: 100 Hz
Comment: Linked to SCARES Repeater Network

Jim Frazier, KC5RUO
BCARES Emergency Coordinator

145.13 MHz Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 144.53 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 145.13 MHz
Location: Fire Station 35, along Paseo del Norte, NE Albuquerque, near the intersection of Lowell and Paseo del Norte
11700 Paseo del Norte NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122

145.15 MHz Cedro Peak Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 144.55 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 145.15 MHz
Location: Cedro Peak, Tijeras, New Mexico

442.05 MHz Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019
Input Frequency: 447.05 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz
Output Frequency: 442.05 MHz
Location: 1120 Coors Blvd SW, Albuquerque


BCARES Packet Radio Practice Net Announcement

You are invited to participate in the BCARES packet radio practice net, every third Tuesday of the month at 7 PM. The first one will be held on Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 at 1900 local. The net will be initiated by way of voice on the Bernalillo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service repeater system (145.13, 145.15, and 442.05 MHz) with Bill Tucker, K5WRT, as Net Control. He'll provide instructions on how the packet net will be conducted and then we will transition over to 145.01 MHz for the packet net.
The packet radio net will be a directed net with K5WRT as Net Control. Net members will be polled sequentially to exercise the message exchange. Net Control will establish a connection with you via the SCREST digipeater. In these packet radio practice nets we’ll focus on three of the Packet Radio Modes: RMS Simple Terminal mode keyboard-to-keyboard, RMS Simple Terminal mailbox message exchanges, and Winlink Peer-to-Peer email exchanges to include passing the ICS-213 General Message Form. Be prepared to provide Net Control your SSID and PBBS SSID during the net opening session.
Hope to hear you on the net!

Jim Frazier BCARES EC

Bernalillo County ARES


Bernalillo County ARES Net

Thursday, 1900 MST/MDT

145.13 (- 600 KHz, 100 Hz PL Tone)
145.15 (- 600 KHz, 100 HZ PL Tone)
442.050 (+ 5.0 MHz, 100 Hz PL Tone)
* This is a linked repeater network

NM ARES EmComm Net
1st Sunday of month,
5 PM MST or 7:30 PM MDT
HF LSB 3939 KHz

2nd & 4th Sundays, 6 PM Local Time
146.40 MHz

Our monthly meeting is held on the first Wednesday of each month at 18:30 MST/MDT at 6840 2nd St. NW, Albuquerque, NM