ICS205A Communications List


The Communications List (ICS205A) records methods of contact for incident personnel. While the Incident Radio Communications Plan (ICS 205) is used to provide information on all radio frequencies down to the Division/Group level, the ICS 205A indicates all methods of contact for personnel assigned to the incident (radio frequencies, phone numbers, pager numbers, etc.), and functions as an incident directory. here are some changes.


The ICS 205A can be filled out during check-in and is maintained and distributed by Communications Unit personnel. This form should be updated each operational period.


The ICS 205A is distributed within the ICS organization by the Communications Unit, and posted as necessary. All completed original forms must be given to the Documentation Unit. If this form contains sensitive information such as cell phone numbers, it should be clearly marked in the header that it contains sensitive information and is not for public release.


The ICS 205A is an optional part of the Incident Action Plan (IAP). This optional form is used in conjunction with the ICS205.

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You can save your completed HTML to a text file. This will allow you to reload the ICS205A with ALL entered form data. You do this prior to submitting the form. Then you can open a new 205A and load the saved HTML form data. NOTE: Date and Times will be the previous, so change if needed. This is much like using FireFox and the addon Formlet. It will save the info as a text file with the Date and Time as the text file name. Now you can use any browser, save your form, (as many versions as you like), and then re-populate.

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                              COMMUNICATIONS LIST       ICS205A   Ver 11
             Form Info
  1. Incident or Event Name


  2. Operational Period

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             TIME     From   To 

3. Basic Local Communication Information                 Page #  

Assignment Name Method(s) of contact: radio frequency, phone, cell #, etc.
  4. Approved by (CUL)    Date/Time