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1. Links to Software Useful for ARES members

* Software JS8Call - CLICK HERE. Use the pull down menu to access DOWNLOADS.

* Software
FLDIGI - CLICK HERE. Fldigi is a program for most of the digital modes.

NOTICE: You must proceed to the Files section to locate the correct fldigi. Do not blithely use the big green Download button! Use the "Files" menu item or the "Browse All Files" link.

2. Links to Article(s), Power Point Slides, and Youtube videos explaining how to set-up and operate modes that could be useful to ARES members.

* Slide Show on Setting-Up and Operating, JS8, It is a conversational tele-printing mode, with forward error correction.

* Slide Show on Setting-Up and Operating, SSTV Send & Receive Slow Scan TV images using free MMSSTV software.

Article on using Android Apps to encode and decode SSTV images without an interface, just a phone and a HT.

* K7AGE's PSK Series; a Youtube video
Introducing PSK31 - How to ONLY Receive PSK, using just a microphone.

* K7AGE's PSK Series: Youtube video
Setting-Up a Sound Card to use with Digipan for PSK operations.

* K7AGE's PSK Series: Youtube video
How to Operate PSK using Digipan.

How to Use Forms in RMS Express - An exceptional Video that details the process you can use to send messages using Forms.

* Document with
BCARES Packet Radio Usage Guidelines

3. Links to relevant Power Point slide shows & material presented at BCARES meetings.

* Slide Show on Winmor Radio-One Operations

Bernalillo County ARES

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Teleprinting Modes
* JS8
* PSK 31, 64
* Feld Hell

Plus: Trans. & Rec. Images using
* SSTV - Slow Scan TV