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Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Packet Radio Operations
Packet Radio by Pete Brisbine, NM5PB
This is a link to Pete's presentation from the April 1st BCARES meeting.
CLICK HERE to access the details of the presentation.

* How to Use Forms in RMS Express - An exceptional Video that details the process you can use to send messages using Forms.

* Document with
BCARES Packet Radio Usage Guidelines

Radio-Only Winlink: Setting Up a Mail Pickup Station. - The Winlink Radio Only mode is a mode that does not use the Internet at any time. Client stations communicate with the RMS gateways. In this mode the RMS gateways do not communicate with the CMS. The Radio Only mode could run indefinitely without the Internet. Instead the RMS gateways communicate with each other via Pactor or VARA modems (recent addition) and calculates the best possible path to reach the destination to deliver the mail.
Links to relevant Power Point slide shows & material presented at BCARES meetings.

* Slide Show on Winmor Radio-One Operations

* Slide Show on Air Force MARS
US Air Force MARS Application

How to Operate Winlink P2P BCRES Packet Communication Network - Slide Show

  1. Compose and send a P2P “casual” email
  2. Retrieve a “casual” email from their In Box
  3. Compose and send a P2P ICS-213 General Message
  4. Retrieve an ICS-213 General Message from their In Box
  5. Compose and send a P2P ICS-213 General Message reply
  6. Recognize and fix the most common Winlink Packet P2P connection problems.

BCARES Packet Communications Network Description - The BCARES packet communications network architecture is shown on page one of the document. The number of packet radio stations is based upon a reasonable worse- case scenario for a Point-of-Distribution county-wide based incident. The VHF 145.01 MHz Packet Radio Network carries the digital record traffic messages. __________________________________________

Packet Tuesday
Each Tuesday, Lew, KB5HPT in El Paso sends out an "assignment" requiring some sort of packet activity. Such an exercise keeps us all sharp and acquainted with the many different aspects of Packet communication.
Those interested in participating can refer to:

Lew reports,
"I always look for first time check ins and then add them to the mailing list. If you know of someone that would like to participate you can share the weekly announcement you receive from me. Then when they send the form I will pick them up and add them to the list."

Links to future Exercises can be accessed here.

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