Bernalillo County ARES

Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Radio Room EmComm Capabilities

Thanks to our served agency, Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management, for procuring and installing two new PCs in the EOC radio room.  The additional PC on the left side has doubled our capabilities.  As of 1/3/2020 the following amateur radio emergency communications capabilities are now operational:

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Station 1 (Left side)

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The left side PC interface to the SignaLink USB interface device and its connection to the ICOM- 718 HF transceiver enables the BCARES Team to support Digipan Binary Phase Shift Key 31 (BPSK31) digital messaging and WINLINK Messaging Over Radio (WINMOR) email transfers to CONUS HF  Radio Message Server gateways.  With WINMOR we can both send and receive emails via the ionosphere. WINMOR provides us the ability to send/receive emails in the event of a Bernalillo County area-wide internet outage. BPSK31 messaging using Digipan is more like text messaging over the ionosphere. Both Digipan BPSK31 and WINMOR connectivity has been tested and declared operational on Station 1.  The ICOM-718 also allows us to work EMCOMM HF Single Sideband phone (voice), like the NM EMCOMM Net on 3939 KHz.

Of course, our mainstay FM analog voice communications remain unchanged on Station 1. The ICOM-2200 is our direct simplex link via 2 meter Yagi antenna to the NM State EOC, and the ICOM-2730 is one of two "workhorse" dualband (2 meter and 70 centimeter) rigs to support BC tactical and, control and coordination EMCOMM via our BCARES repeater network.

Station 2 (Right side)

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Station 2 has the same capability as described for Station 1, as well as, the capability to support VHF (145.01 MHz) packet radio digital messaging. The ICOM-2200 on this side of the bench is our packet radio transceiver.  That transceiver's interface, as well as, the new Station 2 PC interface to the Kantronics PacketCommunicator 3 Plus Terminal Node Controller provides the BCARES Team additional digital messaging capabilities using Line-of-Sight simplex and digipeater connectivity: keyboard-to-keyboard chat messaging, Packet Bulletin Board System mailbox for on-the-air message saving and retrieval, WINLINK email transfers via regional VHF Radio Message Servers, and Peer-to-Peer (radio-to-radio) email connectivity. A powerful feature of WINLINK is the ability to include the ICS Forms in our email traffic; like the ICS general message form 213.  All of this EMCOMM capability has been tested and declared operational on Station 2. 

Bernalillo County ARES