Bernalillo County ARES

Amateur Radio Emergency Service

BCARES Membership

    1. The Bernalillo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (BCARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with the BCARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes our county. Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL is eligible to apply for membership in BCARES. Training is required to participate fully in BCARES and is an essential component of providing emergency communications services to our served agency, the Bernalillo County Department of Emergency Management.

    1. Maintaining the proficiency needed to be an effective radio operator and network control station is what BCARES membership is all about. In short, it entails exercising your amateur radio skills with a purpose. The BCARES team provides the means to achieve and maintain proficiency in administering auxiliary emergency communications during an incident.

    1. Being a part of BCARES provides the incentive for the member to expand their amateur radio skill sets into other amateur radio analog and digital communication modes you may not be using recreationally.

      1. Equipment Skill Set Considerations for BCARES Members:
      1. * Develop a Portable "Go-Kit" with 2m/70cm FM phone communications on emergency power for yourself.

      1. Learn to Operate:
      1. 1. The Emergency Operations Center based analog & digital communication systems.

      1. 2. VHF Packet keyboard-to keyboard & Packet Bulletin Board (PBBS) mailbox digital messaging

      1. 3. VHF packet Email communications using WINLINK via a local Radio Message Server (RMS) gateway site and direct Radio-to-Radio (peer-to-peer) email transfer.

      1. 4. HF Email communications using WINLINK Messaging Over Radio (WINMOR))

      1. 5. D-Star (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) digital voice & data transmissions.

6. BPSK-31 ( Binary Phase Shift Key 31) an HF digital Mode.

      1. 7 JS8 for digital communication with forward error correction.

      1. 8. HF Em Comm by setting up & using Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS). Ex: Low slung 40/80 meter dipoles for regional communication.

How do BCARES members obtain and maintain proficiency in EmComm?

      1. 1. Participating in the weekly BCARES Thursday evening Net is an opportunity to not only test the health and status of our BCARES 3 linked repeater system and your own radio gear, but a recurring opportunity to maintain your skill set as an EmComm Net member & Network Control Station provider.

      1. 2. Attend the monthly, first Wednesday of the month BCARES meeting. Many of these meetings include training or instructional presentations. Most importantly, it is an informal gathering of fellow BCARES members to allow each of us to get to know who is on the other side of the mic.

      1. 3. BCARES team members are encouraged to exercise their safety and logistical communications skills by participating in our local and regional public service events like: CEDRO Peak Marathon, Run for the Zoo, La Luz Trail Run, and Duke City Marathon, to name just a few. It’s true, Bernalillo County does not experience the recurring natural disasters you find on the East Coast and Midwest, so exercising our communication protocol skill sets in a directed net during public service events hones our abilities for the real disaster.

      1. 4. BCARES members are encouraged to participate in the first Sunday of the month HF SSB New Mexico EMCOMM Net on 3939 KHz and to participate in the Albuquerque SIMPLEX EMCOMM Net on 146.40 MHz the second and fourth Sundays of the month.

      1. 5. The rubber meets the road when BCARES is exercised during the annual City Readiness Initiative, Simulated Emergency Test, and The Great New Mexico Shake Out.

    1. The BCARES Emergency Coordinator leadership team tracks member’s training progress using the ARES Emergency Communicator Individual Task Book.
    1. Click Here for a link to the: ARES IndividualTask Book

Click here for a link to the BCARES Registration Form

Bernalillo County ARES


BCARES Members are Encouraged to:
1. Attain a Level 1 & 2 proficiency within the Task Book.

2. Work toward Level 3

3. Complete free online FEMA Courses ICS 100, 200, 700 & 800 (See FEMA in the Training Pull down menu for more information)

4. Enroll in the free online ARRL EC-001 course, Intro to EmComm.

To Join BCARES, please fill out the BCARES Registration form and email it to